The Brief

For years we have been boasting of selling our client’s listings 40% faster than competing local listings on the market with our premium photography. This is a bold statement that we stand by, but for argument’s sake (and we’ve been challenged), we figured it was time to put up the cold hard facts.

The Research

I sat down and did some research. I ground out about 5 hours on Zillow and HomeSnap and carefully mined for data from the beginning of January 2018 through May. My goal was to find comparable listings on the same block/neighborhood, with the same price tag and property attributes to show that the property shot by our own SW photography team sold quicker and with more success than those photographed poorly. The results honestly surprised me.

As I trudged through my data collection (which is no fun for a creative guy who runs from spreadsheets like the plague) The onset of my research had me concerned because it seemed that certain neighborhoods, such as in NW DC, naturally sold fast across the board, due to high demand and low inventory this year. However, I also found that there were still beautiful homes right next door to “our listings” that were photographed terribly and the listing materials were just not doing justice to the property.

Just look at those photos. I don’t want to step into a dark and crooked house selling for 1.5 million, do you?

The Results

Even some of the more upscale listings collected really threw off my expectations, but really got me was when I averaged the totals after comparing 120 listings side by side. The average listing shot by SW versus its local comparable listing sold not 40% but 60% faster, yes sixty! (Click here to see the spreadsheet).

This is very exciting news, mainly because we take pride in knowing our hard work really pays off for our clients. In real estate, time means money, and a listing isn’t doing any favors to anyone by sitting on the market for as long as some of these do. I can only believe that a lack of presentation is largely to blame. Feeling skeptical? Check out the data for yourself. You can download the sheet where we’ve linked some of the properties.

Keep in mind that the data gathered was pulled from properties selling in the slower season for the Washington DC area market. January-March especially isn’t exactly prime time to list in DC real estate, and yet our listings pulled an average of 12-day listing time, versus the 34-day neighborhood average. That’s impressive!

My Conclusion

While I believe this research proves that premium photography really does boost the average listing by drawing more interest, the buck doesn’t stop there. Pairing photos with other SonderWorks marketing products such as floor plans, 360 tours, video, virtual staging, and property websites can provide impactful impressions. The average home buyer is perusing listing after listing online, and by visually immersing them into the home experience, you not only leave an impression that sticks but you begin to tell the story of your home that leaves them eager to turn the page, and hopefully to your door!

View the spreadsheet here!

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  1. I’m lovin’ it! I actually just read like three of your posts today. So that means you better keep writing more, because I am going through these like they’re going out of style.

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