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As a vendor serving the real estate industry in the Washington DC area, there are two things we are reminded of daily: 1.) It’s never a dull moment a 2.) communication is key or things can get pretty crazy with tight turnover deadlines! While we are constantly refining our process flow to serve our clients better in collecting order details (which differ on every single order) and scheduling appointments, while maintaining quality production and delivering on time, we are constantly reminded that both sides of the exchange can benefit tremendously through electronic assistance. That’s what lead us to develop a groundbreaking and yet very powerful app.

Our agents depend on electronic communication, every hour of every workday. Email and texts are constantly going in and out of inboxes to make sure appointments are made and met with little to no room for error. During the busiest times, things can get so hectic and overwhelming that vital details are lost and frustration quickly rises. We want to relieve this pressure by synchronizing data between us, the vendor, and the agent and brokerage. By providing the AgentSync app to our clients that can handle communication using push notifications, a-la-carte order placement, cloud-based product delivery, as well as invoice handling and payment, we feel this is the best approach to reducing stress and delivering our products with the utmost convenience in a familiar platform that is surprisingly not offered by our competitors.

The benefits of app-based order handling using AgentSync

From form to cart

It all started with a simple (but thorough) order form. For years, SonderWorks owner Elena Lozina had been handling every order by text, email, and phone calls. This comes naturally to a woman who loves communicating with clients and can speak the language of time and value. Email and text orders seemed to work fine until something happens- the busy seasons start and before you know it, everyone is slammed. Orders get confused, incomplete, information is missing, and everyone is affected.

That’s how we came up with an order placement system that ensures that every detail is captured before placement from address and unit numbers to lockbox codes, property square footage, and more. All in a swipe-to-continue order process which builds the product order, displays a subtotal and adds to your cart.

Pricing menu at your fingertips

While our most updated pricing sheet is always available and delivered to our clients by email, sometimes things misplaced. Now you can view the pricing of our products at any time from the menu or even better, slide up the menu during the ordering process. Easy as ordering a pizza.

Okay, that just made me hungry for lunch…

Our cal to yours

The order is placed and SW is alerted while a confirmation comes to the agent’s inbox. Easy. Forgot what day and time you scheduled? You can view it in the in-app calendar and even submit a change request if your schedule changes.

We integrated a calendar-based scheduling system into AgentSync that updates with our company’s calendar data to make you, the agent are able to view, select, and book an available date and time slots, much like scheduling a repair with the Apple genius bar.

Ding! Your order is up.

Notifications of product delivery pushed to your phone and accessed on your phone, are now all in the AgentSync app. There’s no need to download a separate Google Drive app or sign in to Google to view your deliveries. You’ll receive a notification on your mobile device and be able to open the folder in AgentSync, view, share, and even download.

Why we are removing Drive

Thanks to the new Firebase technology (from Google) we are developing an app that will allow you to access deliveries using our own original in-app, cloud-based system. Still secure, no need to log in with a google account.

We love Google; Google is our friend. That’s why we use GSuite tools, Gmail, Google Calendar, and for delivery, we’ve been using Google Drive. All these apps require a Google account to access. This has affected how we deliver since not everyone is keen on having a Google account and signing in to access our secure Drive-based file delivery. Now, signing in will no longer be necessary!

Paying your bill should always be easy

I am always amazed at the contrast of ease in paying online between paying my bill to Verizon and paying the government. I find that local government and traffic/toll payment portals especially do not make this a user-friendly experience. You have to find your bill, reference number, ticket numbers and provide a bunch of personal info for verification with every payment.  I’ll spare you the rant and just jump to the point: we want to make paying your bill with us as easy as it is to pay your phone bill so we created an account management service integrated into the app.

View all invoices

Now you can view your new and past invoices in PDF format in-app, select, and pay. Once again, notifications will let you know when an invoice has been submitted then you can save or store them with us.

Easy in, easy out

Making a payment on an outstanding bill with us will be easier than ever with our secure payment system. Save your card and/or account information for future payments to pay with fewer steps. This is made possible using the trusted eCommerce software solutions brought to you by WooCommerce, used by thousands of online stores and vendors online.

A powerful assistant on any platform, with more to come!

We wanted to share our highlighted features with you and the benefits they will provide our agents very soon, with much more in the works. This app will be made available to download on your mobile device, tablet as well as accessible on our website in-browser. Best of all, we are pleased to say that the app will be cross-platform and available for Android and Apple iOS!

Look for more updates on our blog at, Facebook, and Instagram.

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