Apart from the holiday joy, excitement (and let’s not forget stress!), you may regard December as a slow time in business, but couldn’t be farther from true! December is one of your most productive months and here’s why…

December is the month of planning for success.

Chances are that success in early 2019 won’t happen accidentally and will require some end of the year planning.

December is the perfect month for doing just that. Whether the business is moving steady or crawling, you the more “down time” the better for preparing an action plan for your Q1 marketing.

A lot of real estate business owners have successful outcomes by planning 90 days at a time. Planning for an entire year is too overwhelming, and a year in advance is too difficult to predict anyway.

So let’s just focus on the first quarter, Q1. How can you tackle this first period of 2019 (that may continue to be slow, naturally) to prospect to your fullest? Begin working on your marketing plan now, by establishing SMART Goals. What are your weekly goals for January through March?

With these Q1 goals set, you’ll be fully equipped with an action plan and ready to face the harsh winter!

December is the month for tackling your marketing agenda.

A large portion of your 1Q plan should be the marketing strategies you will be executing during this slower first quarter. Think postcards, mailers, pop-by’s, email campaigns, and other marketing efforts to keep your clients thinking of you for THEIR new year.

The print efforts will require print materials and December is just the right time to buy.

Can you guess why?

December is your last chance to make purchases that you can write off on your taxes! Stock up on seasonal farming postcards, get new business cards, and much more.

Not only will those marketing materials set you up for success in the new year, but they’ll also help you pay far less in April when taxes are due.

It’s an absolute win-win, and December is the BEST time to do it!

In summary, this is not just a “slow season”, but use the downtime to your advantage.

We definitely hope you take time to spend with family and friends this holiday season. However, don’t make the mistake of telling yourself that this is a “slow season” and you don’t have much to do. Now you do, so get busy!

The truth is that even if your local market is slow, you have a lot to do. Set up your marketing plan, get your door hangers and postcards, and plan out your weekly goals for 1Q. Then, write off all your purchases on your taxes next year!

You’ll be amazed how much more ready you’ll be for the “busy season” when you take these steps now.
As always, SonderWorks is here to help! Contact us today for help in getting your mailers designed, printed, and delivered to your doorstep in time for Q1!

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